How do you get to Carnegie Hall?


07-30-2017: Practice

“How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

“Practice!” Old joke, but it still applies. People constantly ask how I achieve such great light and reality to my analog and digital art. Short answer: PRACTICE. Long answer: Constantly challenge how the brain wants to see something, through regular and daily practice. I’m always drawing, scribbling, sketching and seeing.

HOWEVER, My goal isn’t to become a better realist. I’m hoping to relearn how to deconstruct what I see, the way I used to.
Just stick with me, kids… Watch what happens to my work. Personally, I’m dying to know how this all comes out!

Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome baaaack!


Sometimes artists have to remember we are also administrators. Personally, I despise the task of administration and self promotion. I get lost in the act of just managing accounts and fixing issues, that the concept of creating art gets lost.

However, my goal is to be supported by my work. My goal is to show my work, sell my work, and be supported in my work. In order to do this, I need to curate my work, be an administrator of my own site, and promote my work. So! Here we are. Back at Patreon, updating and posting.

Managing my website, my Patreon page and my Society6 store will be my weekly focused work. Updates and Live Feeds have been scheduled. You, as my Patrons, will only benefit from being able to view my posts and updates.

Thank you, if you are supporting me. Share my Patreon page and help me gain supporters, to keep my site up, and push my work along!