I feel like screaming

January 30, 2018: Current Mood

Videos and short films

As an artist (I’m told), the, creative process can sometimes create the most imbalanced of mental states. I’m at a place where I just want to scream ALL THE TIME. I don’t know if that’s imbalanced. It really seems  kind of normal to me. Everyone around me looks like they want to scream, at least some of the time. Screaming feels like balance.

So… Scream.

Video f/x from Instagram & Cinematic apps
Music and screams provided by Splice App
Everything else is mine.

July 10, 2016: When You Erase the Face of a Child

Videos and short films

I’m tired of our boys, our sons, our children being killed. I’m tired of children being criminalized to justify their deaths. When you lose your empathy. When you justify death. When you erase the face of a child. You become less than human. Drawn in #Procreate, edited in #iColorama & #Mextures. Animated in #Cinematic & Splice