GomiWorld Exhibit

GomiWorld Art Show

When: December 2021
Where: Kalypso Couture, 211 N. Laura St., Jacksonville, FL
What: 13 images from my featured work

Through the month of December 2021, I’m having a 13 piece show at Kalypso Couture, in Jacksonville, FL. On the one hand, I’m really excited. On the other, I’m really scared, because I have 3 weeks to get everything ready and I need a 13 Gallery-Wrapped prints on canvas, in 3 weeks. That’s expensive. I’m considering a GoFundMe to help secure the prints. In the mean time, I’m curating what images I want to see in the space. This list of images and my Artist CV are due Nov. 7th.
Anyone who wants to assist with securing prints for the show can reach out to me at GomiWorld.Art@gmail.com
❤️ Gomi

Tall, Brown, Funny, Groovy, Creative. Born on the West Coast, Lives on the East Coast. When I’m not creating, I’m sleeping. Or I’m drinking Guinness.