May 14, 2021

GomiWorld Logo 512x512
Digital Downloads coming soon!

I’m adding Digital Downloads and unframed prints to the store! This week I’ve been creating new content. I’m setting a calendar to post new content as follows: First to my Patrons. I grant access to premium content on my Patreon account. Next, to GomiWorld. After updating Patreon and GomiWorld, I update content to my remaining social media accounts.

Patrons have access to free digital downloads. I’m granting access to links on Sunday, May 16th. You can become a Patron now, to have access to Patron-Only content and downloads!

You can check out my Ko-Fi page and buy me a cup of coffee! Proceeds go directly in to art and printing supplies.


Tall, Brown, Funny, Groovy, Creative. Born on the West Coast, Lives on the East Coast. When I’m not creating, I’m sleeping. Or I’m drinking Guinness.