The Wednesday Weekly: 04-21-21


Happy Wednesday! Here the Good News / Better News / Best News!

Good News: I’m working on the 2nd variation of my Save Your SELF series.

Better News: I’m working part-time as a photographer’s assistant. This will help me really boost those photography skills! We’ve done School Graduation shoots, the past 2 days. We’re doing family photography in May. I work 1 or 2 days a week, allowing me to focus on my art the rest of the time.

Best News: Save Your SELF, 1st Variation has been accepted into a one-night art show to benefit the local Women’s Center! Patrons learned this news first. ❤️

I’m really excited at all the positive change my life is taking, as I continue to embrace my creativity and share it with others!

As always, thank you all for believing in me and being a part of my process!

Tall, Brown, Funny, Groovy, Creative. Born on the West Coast, Lives on the East Coast. When I’m not creating, I’m sleeping. Or I’m drinking Guinness.