When Life Hands You a SH** Sandwich

… yeet it out the window 🧱


Oh man, the past two days have been stressful! As I’m preparing for my art show, USPS “misplaced” 2 deliveries totaling 8 pieces. Someone, somewhere, has 8 of my prints. I do not. And it’s really just frustrating. (Patron) Daniel has been fantastic in helping me sort through this nonsense, but I have to say I’m ready to scream. 

So, to sum up: my show opens on Dec. 1. The art needs to be hung on Nov. 27th. I am in receipt of only 3 of the 11 prints I’ve ordered. 8 of these prints have disappeared into the ether. I have less than 2 weeks to replace the prints. And print/shipping times over the holidays are awful! 

That’s ok. 👍🏽 I’m going to be just fine, and the show will go on, with beautiful prints of my work. This is a lesson learned. I will, from here on out, cultivate a relationship with a local printer. In the meantime, I’ve already decided to run 6 of the images off my large-format printer.

Whoever received those two packages from USPS have been gifted with one of a kind art. I hope they appreciate their luck and share it with their families, this holiday season.

“Now I have Gomi Art. Ho… Ho… Ho.” (If you know, you know.)

❤️ Gomi

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