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DeSantis Slashes $32 Mil Budget for Florida Arts and Culture

Art is Too WOKE

Gov. DeSantis once more decided to prove he’s on the wrong side of history by cutting all funding intended for Florida Arts and Culture. Remember, these were budgets approved by the Republican-led Florida Senate. So it’s not like these guys are saying “Hey! Let’s just throw money at anyone who wants a grant!”

DeSantis used 2 events to justify the $32 Mil budget cut… because drag queens and what not…

In other words, all of the arts: Music, Dance, Writing workshops, Visual Arts, Museums, Performance halls… all these places that would have received additional funding must now scramble to make ends meet. The state will suffer loss of revenue and jobs. And we’re not talking by a little bit.

Florida’s arts and cultural industry generates $5.7 billion in economic activity a year, including $2.9 billion by nonprofit arts and culture organizations, and supports more than 91,000 full-time jobs, according to a study from Americans for the Arts in collaboration with the state Division of Arts and Culture and Citizens for Florida Arts Inc. (Source: AP News, Fl . Gov)

But sure… a couple of events that DeSantis heard included “sexual acts” are the reason your kid’s dance program will no longer get funded. Why your neighborhood figure-drawing class has been cancelled. Why ticket prices at certain venues will increase, and thousands of Floridians will lose their jobs.

File this under Political Clowns. Florida is a freaking circus, at this point.